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If you answer yes to any of the following 10 questions

  • Are you being sued by someone or company for an unpaid bill
  • Is you RENTAL property worth less than what you own on it, commonly known as “underwater” or “upside down”
  • Are creditors calling you daily trying to collect on unpaid bills
  • Are you behind on your bills or struggling monthly to pay all of your bills
  • Do you have any unpaid parking tickets
  • Has your vehicle been recently repossessed (even if you want it back) or car company threatening repossession
  • Do you pay more than 8% on your auto loan
  • Is your home in foreclosure
  • Do you have a second mortgage on an “upside down” property
  • Have you been denied a loan modification and can’t keep up with your current mortgage payments

If you answered YES call me today DO NOT Delay!!!! A chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer to all of your financial problems.


Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney Getting You Out of Debt

I want to welcome you to The Lawson Law Group that is operated by Nicole G. Lawson.
Nicole is a Chicago bankruptcy lawyer.. The Lawson Law Group is a small boutique law firm that will give you the personal attention you deserve but the expertise of a large group of attorneys. You will likely only see Nicole when you have any court appearance. Nicole and her staff take a personal approach with their clients and intend to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with financial hardship. A brighter day lies ahead, free of debt and worry. Please take the time to read more about bankruptcy as a real option to relieve the burden of debt.


As a practicing bankruptcy lawyer in Chicago Nicole realized quickly that people do not want to file bankruptcy. While she and her staff appreciate the hestitancy and fear associated with filing bankruptcy, trust that they would not advise a bankruptcy filing if it were not in your best interest. then pick up Nicole and her staff.


After you have read my website I hope you feel comforted and inspired to act now to change your financial life. It’s time for a change and it’s time to have fun again.
– Nicole G. Lawson ,Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer

Nicole G. Lawson, Attorney at Law

Nicole completed her undergraduate studies at Tennessee State University. After taking a couple years off to teach children, she went back to complete her dream of becoming an attorney. Nicole graduated from NIU College of Law, with honors and after working a little over a year as Cook County Public Guardian decided to go into private practice. The Law Office of Nicole G. Lawson filed its first bankruptcy in 1997. Nicole has continued to focus primarily in bankruptcy law since 1997. More than a thousand people have sat down with Nicole over the years to discuss their financial difficulties. Nicole has evolved as an attorney and has learned that bankruptcy also involves numerous real estate issues. So it follows that she has developed her expertise in all areas affecting your finances including, purchasing and selling real estate, foreclosure defense, credit and debt counseling, financial education and of course bankruptcy. Nicole is young enough to be in touch with the ever changing world we live in but old enough to have the experience that makes her services invaluable.