Foreclosure Assistance

If you property is in foreclosure and you do NOT want to file bankruptcy it’s ok you still have options. You can FIGHT your foreclosure. That’s right. Without hiring an attorney, you may not know whether the bank has done the foreclosure correctly.

Don’t believe anyone that tells you don’t need an attorney in a foreclosure case. Anytime anybody is suing you in a court of law you ought to hire an attorney right away. This is especially true if a Law Firm is suing you. Fight fire with fire!!! You have rights.

Why should you hire me when you are facing foreclosure (an action by the bank to take back your property):

  • Banks must take specific steps, in the correct order, with the correct timing, with the correct documents in order to have the right to foreclose. Without every step being done correctly your bank’s foreclosure can be dismissed.
  • You can stay in your property while you defend your foreclosure without paying a mortgage payment
    • I will look to counter sue your bank and collect money damages for you for any violations available under law
    • Foreclosure defense may include direct negotiations with your lender seeking a voluntary loan modification.
    • “Short sales” or a “deed in lieu of foreclosure” may be utilized as an alternative to foreclosure and to protect your credit rating. There is the always the possibility of a new loan. Each situation is unique and deserves individual consideration.
    • You may feel helpless and frightened, uncertain about what your financial future holds and we hope to lessen hour stress with financial & legal counseling
    • If we the best option is relocating, I will ensure you can make a dignified exit for your home

Even if the bank already sold you home against your wishes and you feel something was done wrong CALL ME! We will investigate your file!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can assist you if you are facing foreclosure. Even if you have a sheriff sale date a bankruptcy can stop the sheriff sale before it occurs. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t paid your mortgage in over a year, bankruptcy can assist you in catching up on the payments. A bankruptcy filing can stop a foreclosure that is already in process. A bankruptcy filing will stop a foreclosure automatically at the time of filing.

In addition if you have a defense to your foreclosure I can help you defend the foreclosure. It is important to know when you are defending a foreclosure complaint, the mortgage company has statutes that it must follow in the filing of a foreclosure. Just because you mortgage company has filed a foreclosure does not mean you don’t have any rights. You do have rights and mortgage companies has guidelines it must follow to be sure it doesn’t abridge your rights. 

Below are some the statutes mentioned that are in place to make sure your mortgage company doesn’t take advantage of you because you may not know your rights:

We would use these laws to try to keep your home from being foreclosed or possibly renegotiate your loan or even recover money that was unfairly charged to you.

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