Real Estate Transactions; Buyer & Seller

man happy about a houseBuyer & Seller real estate transactions is at heart of The Lawson Law Group. Real estate transactions include but are not limited to buying property, selling property, land trust, etc…If you are looking to purchase a home you need an attorney. Also, if you are selling a property you need to have an attorney. In the process of buying a property, you may want to consider a way to protect your identity in the process. As your real estate attorney, we will assist you buy or sell a property and/or set up a land trust.

Purchasing a Property

If you looking to purchase real estate, one of the first steps should be to have a real estate attorney on retainer. Even if you are a seasoned investor, you should complete your real estate transactions with an attorney.  As a buyer, you should concentrate on the financial aspects of your purchase and have an attorney to deal with the legal aspect. Most certainly, if this is your first time buying a property then do not go it alone. Real estate contracts contains a lot of legalese and should not be overlooked. Furthermore, at the closing table a lot of critical work is performed with almost no words exchanged between the parties.

Buying a property is a big deal and has many pitfalls. Be forewarned, the title company only provides you title insurance. However, you need a full understanding of your title to be sure you are properly insured. Hire The Lawson Law Group to represent your interest with your real estate transactions. As a real estate attorney, with over 20 years of experience, you will be well represented. The Lawson Law Group will handle your residential or commercial property purchase. Hire us today!

Selling a property

If you are looking to sell a property, one of the first steps should be to have a real estate attorney on retainer. If you sold several properties you should still have an attorney on your side. You must ensure your interest in your real estate transactions are fully protected. Before you get to the title company, at the closing table, there are several documents that need to be prepared.

Once you accept a contract to purchase your property, you should immediately forward it to your real estate attorney. In real estate transactions, you generally have just a few days to alter a contract.  As your retained real estate attorney we will review your contract. Additionally, we will represent in you every aspect of the real estate transaction. As your real estate attorney, we will be sure that you are well represented and receive the full benefit of your sale. Attorney Nicole G. Lawson is an authorized agent for Chicago Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company. Yes, The Lawson Law Group will handle your residential or commercial real estate transaction. Call today!

Land Trusts Explained

As you know, we live in a hyper connected age. Today’s information age makes it nearly impossible to have privacy these days in real estate transactions. Millions of people have accessibility to a substantial amount of private, personal, and financial information via the internet. Buying a property or even selling a property details are publicly available to almost anyone.

However, there is way to achieve a level or privacy in your real estate transaction. One way is a land trust. Without privacy you are more vulnerable to theft and fraud. Note, a land trust can help a buyer in a real estate transaction have a modicum of privacy. But also, a seller in a sell of property liquidate if the property is already title in a land trust.  As your real estate attorney, we will advise you, educate you and help you set up a land trust.

Also, a land trust can also be a part of your asset protection in your legacy creation. In additional, a land trust could help your family avoid probate court in the even of your death. Furthermore, the land trust will make you somewhat judgment proof. As part of your legacy, a land trust makes sense. Call today to learn more! We pride ourselves on educating all our clients.

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